Angelina Jolie, the 46-year-old protagonist of the film Maleficent, was born in Los Angeles, California. In addition to being recognized for her enormous talent as an actress, Angelina is also known for her humanitarian work across the globe as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN refugee agency.

Mother of six and Brad Pitt's ex, Angelina shows that you can be a mother and a wife and still look great. The brunette has tattoos and is still impeccable at 46, showing that tattoos are beautiful at any age and that this has nothing to do with her character.

On her arm, Angelina had a tattoo in honor of her ex Billy Bob. Today, in place of this tattoo are engraved the geographical coordinates of where her children were born (Cambodia, Ethiopia, Namibia, Vietnam and Niece.)

On her back, the Buddhist prayer is a tribute to her son Maddox, and just like the tiger on her back, it was made in Thailand in the traditional way, with a hand needle, similar to the Tebori.

Below the neck is the phrase "Know your rights.

On the hip is the phrase ?quod me nutrit me destruit? (?what nourishes me destroys me?) next to a huge black cross.

On his left forearm, ?A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages? Beyond the letter H, a tribute to his only brother, James Haven. Roman numerals and ornaments surrounding them.

And on the right forearm, "willpower" in Arabic.

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