Anitta is the stage name of Larissa de Macedo Machado, a Brazilian singer, songwriter, dancer, businesswoman and presenter, born in 1993 in Rio de Janeiro. She is one of the most popular artists in Brazil and is currently gaining great international visibility.

She is considered a sex symbol and one of the most influential people on social networks. On the internet, the singer is always showing off her tattoos, one of her passions, and they vary between delicate designs, intimate places, and tributes to former partners.

Here are some highlights:

1- Heart Tattoo in the buttocks:

2- Symbol of infinitywith the words life and love, meaning life and love:

3- Treble clef on the shoulder:

4- Heart on the little finger:

5- The words Love, Respect and Courage, the pillars of your personal and professional life:

6- A cage with little birds flying, representing freedom and daring:

7- "Be Good", which means be good or be well:

8- Key/tree on the arm:

9- A tribute to your dog, Plinio:

10- Hand strokes:

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