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Free and easy-to-use programs for 3D modeling in 2019

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3D Modeling is a useful skill for anyone who wants to make 3D prints, and nowadays you don't have to spend a fortune to have access to programs that allow you to model.

How to get started with 3d modeling

3D modeling can be very confusing for beginners, and therefore frustrating, but knowing what options exist can help you get off to a smooth start.

To create your own characters or utilities on a 3D printer it is necessary to model the objects in a 3D or CAD program, and with the huge amount of options available it can become difficult to choose which program is best. But don't worry, below we have listed 10 programs that will help you get started with your 3d modeling (and entirely free).

Free 3D modeling programs for beginners

We have separated some of the easiest programs to use for those who are just starting to learn 3D modeling:


Vectary - 3d modeling software
Vectary calls itself the easiest 3D program to use, and it has good reasons for this: The program runs directly from your browser, requiring no installation and no operating system restrictions. With it you can model and render your 3D projects in real time.
The program was created for designers and builders focused on graphic, product or game design, as well as being used for 3D printing.
Using Vectary does not require much experience, but only a basic knowledge of the concepts, as the program uses simple drag and drop actions. Free access depends on registration on its website.

Sketchup Free

Sketchup - Free 3D modeling software
SketchUp is considered one of the easiest and most flexible programs to use, having been created in 2000, and nowadays has 2 versions: Free and Paid.
For beginners, we recommend the basic version, which, like Vectary, you can also use directly from your browser by creating an account on the official website. The program is great for beginners, because its tools are simple to use and very intuitive, but don't think that you won't be able to create complex models: SketchUp was originally created for architects and designers, which allows you to model large and complex objects.


TinkerCAD - 3D modeling software
TinkerCAD is online 3d software created by the same company as AutoCAD and 3Ds Max, Autodesk.
The program was originally created for educational purposes, so you can expect its interface to be extremely simple and user-friendly. TinkerCAD can be considered one of the best programs for those learning to model in 3D, as it helps teach all the basics, and is easily integrated with many 3D printer models.


Meshmixer is another software created by Autodesk, with the objective of manipulating and modifying any 3D object. In a few words, it would be similar to Photoshop for 3D models. In this way, the program becomes excellent for beginners and people who want to do 3D printing, because it has the ability to edit, repair, and optimize any model, besides offering some tools to sculpt your 3D model. And of course, entirely free and great for 3D printing.

Fusion 360

Finally, another free program made available by Autodesk is Fusion360which allows users to perform parametric 3D modeling, create freeforms among other functions. Fusion360 is a professional program used by industrial designers, so it is a little more complex to use, but for those who already have some skill in 3D, it becomes extremely easy to use. The free version of Fusion360 is available for students and amateurs.


MatterControl is a free and open-source program, created especially for the 3D printing community, and is made available by the company MatterHackers.
Besides being very intuitive, the program has a good amount of tools that will help in modeling or customizing 3D objects.
MatterControl also has a Slicer function, which prepares your designs directly to be sent to a 3D printer.


Onshape is a modeling program especially focused on technical drawings, and is one of the first to be entirely online.
Its free version is excellent for beginners, requiring only registration on the site, and with it you can draw geometric items, remove parts, and combine very easily.
Onshape also has an easy-to-use interface and is compatible with tablets and cell phones.


FreeCAD was released in 2002 and as the name implies, it is a completely free program that serves as an alternative to programs such as AutoCad. It has complex tools for creating detailed models and has a low learning curve.
Because it is an open-source program, it is also possible to add new tools and modules to the application.
FreeCAD is probably the best choice for beginners who want to get fully involved in the world of CAD.


Sculptris is a free program focused entirely on digital sculpting. It is considered by many to be an excellent introduction to more advanced tools, such as Z-Brush (from the same manufacturer: Pixologic).
Sculptris allows users to edit shapes with a wide variety of tools, as well as texturing and painting for 3D models.
Although its development has been discontinued, you can still download Sculptris directly from the manufacturer's website, but it may not work on some versions of operating systems. If your goal is to make 3D sculptures, it is one of the best options.

Blender Modifiers

Despite the Blender (also free) is not one of the simplest tools for beginners, we decided to put it on this list because it is also entirely free.
Blender is a complete tool for anyone who wants to work with 3D, from modeling and sculpting to more complex animations.
For beginners, Blender can be an interesting tool for modifying your 3D models, with the use of various tools such as "decimate", "remesh" or "solidify" for example.

The advantage of learning to use Blender is that there are no limits to what you can achieve with the application, although its learning curve is a bit higher than previous options.

Conclusion: What is the best 3D program for beginners?

In our list we have taken just 10 of the best 3D modeling programs that can help you with your 3D prints, but the question always remains, which program is the best?
As with almost everything, it is not possible to define the best one directly, as each one has functions that may or may not be necessary, and can also become easier to use from person to person. Of course, once you have mastered one of the above applications, learning to use any other software will have an even smaller learning curve, and you can create more advanced 3D models or move on to programs with more functionality.

Our suggestion is to try them all and see which one you identify with most.

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