The growth of e-commerce since the beginning of the pandemic has been staggering. With the restrictive measures imposed by the pandemic, purchases that were previously made in person started to be largely made through digital channels.  

This stimulated the arrival of many small entrepreneurs in the digital environment, who saw in e-commerce the possibility to supplement their income or even make the new business as their main activity. 

According to the 7th Neotrust Report - Movimento Compre & Confie, released at the end of April, 78.5 million purchases were made online in the first three months of this year, which represents a growth of 57.4% compared to the same period in 2020. 

Faced with this scenario, whoever intends to enter the universe of electronic commerce needs to prepare for the journey. Check out below 4 links with materials and free courses on e-commerce for those who want to learn more.  

1) How to build a virtual store? - Sebrae

The free Sebrae course offers training to understand the evolution of Internet use for digital commerce. 

Divided into three modules - "Demystifying the internet: opportunities for your company", "Preparing your business to sell over the internet", "How to build your online store", the course lasts two hours, is completely online and offers a certificate. know more.

2) Complete and free guides on e-commerce - Codeby

The technology company Codeby offers on its website a series of materials, including e-books, guides and online courses, on subjects related to electronic commerce. 

Highlight for the course “A guide on the VTEX platform”, which is one of the most popular on the site and teaches in practice how to use more than 15 modules of the VTEX platform on a daily basis, and for the guide “Trends for e-commerce in 2021 ”, which points out interesting insights to be used throughout the year. know more

3) Digital marketing courses Ateliê Digital - Google

The giant Google offers a series of totally free courses aimed at digital marketing and for those who want to dive into the universe of e-commerce. 

Noteworthy are the courses “Take your company to the Web” and “Generate content to promote your company”, each lasting 3 hours. know more

4) How to sell on the internet in the Coronavirus crisis - Sebrae

Another one of the free courses with the quality of Sebrae, and this time totally focused on the scenario of e-commerce in the pandemic. 

The 4-hour course teaches techniques to improve performance on social networks and increase customer traffic in sales channels, including for physical stores that had to close during the pandemic and migrated or intend to migrate to digital . know more

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