For you tattooed people who are crazy about chemistry and decided to tattoo your favorite formula, and now face this dilemma when it comes time to take the vestibular for your longed-for college, according to Oraculo (Super Magazine)There is no general rule ? yet ? for these cases.

In Fuvest, for example, the situation has two ways to be solved in the best way possible so that the candidate is not prejudiced. If the tattoo has no relation whatsoever with the content presented in the exam, it doesn't matter and nobody will create a case with you.

However, if you have a tattoo that can help your memory and solve a question, the candidate is referred to the Civil Police, and it will be up to them to decide if the person had bad intentions at the time of the tattoo or not. The tattoo will be evaluated by delegates and investigators, and if the police find no reason to accuse the candidate of fraud, he or she will be able to take the test without problems. But, according to Fuvest, there has never been a case like this in which the candidate was prevented from taking the test.

So, tattooed people who are about to take the vestibular, don't try to be a smartass and get in trouble, huh?

I am an assiduous reader of Super InterestingI saw this article there and brought it here.

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