Apollo is considered the god of the sun, prophecy, poetry, the arts, music, healing, justice, law, and order. Son of Zeus and Leto and twin brother of Artemisis very important in Greek mythology, known to be one of the greatest gods of Olympus.

According to mythology, Apollo was a just and tolerant god. In his personal life, he had many children and several relationships with men and women, many of them known to be failed relationships.

Present in the pantheon of ancient Greek gods, he was one of the most relevant in the Greek religion and considered a great representative of the arts, beauty and youth, representing perfection, harmony, balance and reason.

He was described as the ?god of divine distance?, who threatened or protected by the sky, being identified as the sun and the light of truth. Connected to nature, he protected shepherds, sailors and archers.

 Meaning of Tattoo with god Apollo:

  • Sun
  • Prophecy
  • Poetry
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Healing
  • Justice
  • Order
  • Beauty
  • Youth
  • Perfection
  • Harmony
  • Balance
  • Reason
  • Protection

Here are some images of tattoos with the god Apollo:

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