Rabbits are mammalian animals found in all regions of the planet. Besides being known for having very easy to breedhave as characteristics herbivorous feeding, nocturnal habits, intelligence e sociability.

They are skillful and clever animals and for this reason there are many famous tales about them. wit, cunning e ability to overcome obstacles.

One of its greatest symbols is the fertilityThey are great breeders, they can have around 40 offspring per year, and are therefore associated with the springtime, abundance, love and speed.

For some ancient peoples, the rabbit was a symbol of hope and renewal of life and for this reason was associated, within Christianity, with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Because they are animals nocturnalthere are some associations with moon. They say that the spots found on the moon are actually rabbits or hares.

At Japanese culturethe rabbit is part of many myths and legends, always associated with the good luck and fertility. According to myths, the presence of the animal guarantees safe childbirth and child protection.

The Rabbit in the Chinese horoscope brings as the main characteristics of a person: intelligence, realism, caution, creativity, stubbornness, social life, comfort, ambition, and talent.

Meaning of Rabbit tattoos:

  • Abundance
  • Nature
  • Comfort
  • Vulnerability
  • Fertility
  • Socialization
  • Moon
  • Good Luck
  • Desire
  • Hope
  • Procreation
  • Spring
  • Resurrection
  • Cuteness
  • Caring
  • Birth
  • Hope in life
  • Cycle Renewal
  • Speed

Here are some images of Rabbit tattoos:

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