The Classic couple tattoo that we know - which usually bears each other's names on the other's skin somewhere on the body - has been given a new look. In the same way, it is now also coming to replace courtship, engagement, and even wedding rings.

Couple tattoo instead of rings

They are ideal for couples who like creative symbols for special moments. In addition, the couple tattoos can be made on the same finger where the traditional wedding rings would be placed. Thus, this is a way to seal the union in a totally unique way.

More than that, that design that has a lot of importance and relevance to both of you can be realized. Then know that there is no shortage of ideas for couple tattoos to make in place of the rings. They can be hearts, animals, crowns, stars, flowers, geometric shapes, letters, infinity tattoos? Certainly there are many options for those who like to surprise!

When choosing your tattooed wedding bandit is even possible to imitate the design of a ring, symbolizing directly on the skin the meaning of love between the couple. So, check out some tattoo designs on the finger for couples and get inspired!

Photos of couple tattoos

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