Horses are mammals of the equine family, very present in the history of mankind. They have always been useful in the most diverse functions, besides being sociable, intelligent, and loyal to man.

They are very important animals for the development of societies, since they have been exploited in wars, transportation, agriculture, and, more recently, in sports and leisure.

They are usually associated with intelligence, gracefulness, endurance, and especially freedom, because the man believes he can go further and unbound in their company.

Here are some more examples of meanings in cultures around the world:

Native Americans: power, strength, freedom, nobility, advantage in disputes;

Celts: good luck and abundance;
Chinese: courage, integrity, power, intelligence, diligence, faithfulness, and spirituality;
Romans: rebirth and fertility;
Greeks: desires, strength, power, wisdom, and immortality;
Mongols: strength, endurance, speed, spirituality, freedom, connection with the sacred, and well-being;
Islam: happiness, abundance, vitality, impetuosity, beauty, grace, sexuality, fertility, intelligence, dedication, and generosity;
Feng Shui: energy of success, fame, freedom, and speed;
Shamanism: strength to reach the freedom of the Soul.

Meaning of Horse Tattoo:

  • Go to
  • Loyalty
  • Freedom
  • Courage
  • Power
  • Wealth
  • Speed
  • Horseback Riding
  • Nature
  • Wild
  • Spirituality
  • Virility
  • Sexuality
  • Grace
  • Resistance

Here are some images of tattoos with Horses:

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