The meanings of bow tie tattoos are quite diverse and have been very popular in recent years. Loop or ribbon tattoos are usually done by women, and mostly on the legs, wrist, nape of the neck, shoulders, and sometimes on the breasts and tailbone.

For many people, the meaning of the bow tie tattoo is that the tattooed person is "gift-wrapped" and that it represents something good and special.

Trash-style Bow Tattoo - Meanings
Another meaning is the representation of the fight against breast cancer and HPV (cervical cancer), due to the fact that the pink ribbons are the symbol of the campaigns against these diseases. The ribbon can be tattooed by women who have survived these cancers, or who have a relative or friend who has suffered from these diseases, showing solidarity.

The ties can also have a meaning of ?forget me not knot?, or a ?knot against forgetting?, symbolizing a remembrance to leave in the past.

Bows can also be tattooed just for aesthetics, because they are sweet and delicate.


Photo Gallery of Bow Tattoos

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