The Malin symbol, originating in Sweden, is composed of a infinity together with a arrownot only looks beautiful on the skin, but can also reflect a philosophy of life, representing that we always have to face various obstacles in order to move forward. Malin, more than a drawing, is a story, a thought or a way of being.

Many people tattoo this symbol as a way to remember their own victories and that they can move on, even if the world takes many turns. It is an encouragement to face setbacks, to be able to mature, and to focus on your goals.

It is considered a symbol of overcoming, since no matter what obstacles we encounter in our life journey, we must overcome them so that our life can continue on its path.

Meaning of Malin Tattoo:

  • Overcoming
  • Destination
  • Cycle
  • Infinite
  • Obstacles
  • Path
  • Turns
  • Delay
  • Victories
  • Focus
  • Goal
  • Facing
  • Moving Forward

Here are some images of Malin's tattoos:

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