Gnomes are mythological beings, usually represented as small humanoids that live underground, in mines or in the hollows of tree trunks, where they keep their treasures. Protectors of nature, they are connected to all the natural elements on the planet, such as water, earth and sky.

They symbolize fertility, protection and luck, but are also known to have an unstable temperament. According to legend, male gnomes are ugly and wicked, and female gnomes are even lower and very beautiful. The couple represents the balance of good (female) and evil (male).

On the other hand, the gnome tattoo may be associated with crime, as tattoos of gnomes are common among drug dealers.

A Elf é uma criatura do folclore latino-europeu, latino-americano e filipino. “Duende” tem origem na expressão “dueño de casa” ou “duen de la casa”, que significa “dono de casa?, descrito como um espírito travesso que habita uma casa. Possuem poderes sobrenaturais, como: atravessar paredes, se locomover em alta velocidade e até se teletransportar de um lugar para o outro. São conhecidos por serem travessos e terem um humor extremamente sensível.

Meaning of Goblin and Gnome Tattoo:

  • Protection
  • Luck
  • Balance
  • Nature
  • Fertility
  • Good and Evil
  • Trafficking
  • Trick
  • Powers
  • Unstable mood

See some images of Gnomes and Goblin tattoos:

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