Nossa Senhora da Conceição Aparecida, known as Our Lady of Conception Aparecida, is the patron saint of Brazil. For the devotees, the saint is a model of faith and her virtues should be imitated by the faithful. They say that making requests in front of her image brings greater proximity to God.

Her image has her hands joined in prayer, a simple smile, and the joy of carrying the child of God in her womb. She is standing on a half-moon, stepping on a serpent, wearing a cloak and a crown.

The half-moon symbolizes light, which is the reflection of sunlight, since in Christianity the sun is Jesus Christ.

The serpent symbolizes the victory over the devil, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Her mantle was offered by Princess Isabel, in 1888. The blue color symbolizes the sky, the gold details symbolize royalty, and the Brazilian flag symbolizes that she is the country's patron saint.

The crown, which was offered along with the robe, symbolizes Mary's coronation as queen of heaven and earth.

 Meaning of the Our Lady Aparecida Tattoo:

  • Faith
  • Christianity
  • Catholicism
  • Patroness of Brazil
  • Sky
  • Royalty
  • God
  • Protection
  • Combat the forces of evil
  • Queen of Heaven and Earth
  • Proximity to God
  • Victory
  • Resurrection

Here are some images of tattoos with Our Lady of Aparecida:

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