My Hero Academia is a manga series written and illustrated by K?hei Horikoshi, published in Weekly Sh?nen Jump magazine since July 2014. The manga has been very successful and has been adapted into various formats, such as anime, movies, games, and light novels. Its popularity has only grown over time, both in the East and West, winning several awards and thousands of fans worldwide.

The story takes place in a world where 80% of the world's population possess super powers, but shy student Midoriya Izuku was unfortunate enough to be born without.

Even though he has been bullied by his school friends, Izuku has always been a very kind and generous boy, always ready to help those in need. What he didn't expect was that an unexpected encounter would change his destiny. A destiny that will lead him to enter the long-dreamed-of U.A., the institution where the great heroes go to study and train.

Meaning of the My Hero Academia Tattoo:

  • Manga
  • Anime
  • Action
  • Superheroes
  • Powers
  • Destination
  • Training
  • Individuality
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Art

Here are some images of My Hero Academia tattoos:

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