Neymar is currently one of the biggest soccer players in the world. The soccer star is really fond of tattoos and has more than 40 spread all over his body. His preferences are quite varied, ranging from religious phrases to cartoons. According to the player, each one has a special and personal meaning. Here are some that stand out:

On the chest, the player has a set of several images: A Phoenix; An Eagle; Soccer Field; The phrase ?Gigante por Natureza?, inspired by the national anthem; The word ?Pai? in the background of a prayer they say before matches.

On one side of the neck, the phrase "Everything Goes By" and some swallows. On the other side, the number 4, in Roman numerals, symbolizing the number of family members. On the front, the phrase "step by step", which means "one step at a time".

On the back of his head there is a drawing of a cross with wings and the word ?Blessed?

In one hand there is a lion and, just above it, the symbol of the Olympic Games

On the wrist "God is faithful?

On the side of the hand, the word Love

On the back, two superheroes: Batman and Spider-Man

In his arms, the Champions Cup and a tiger

Tributes to sister Rafaela and son David Lucas

On the side, on the shoulder, a diamond and the phrase ?Life is a Joke?

On the front of the legs the phrases ?God Bless Me? and ?And Protect Me?

On the back of his legs, near the shin, the words "Joy" and "Boldness", his life motto

Just above, on the calves, images that represent the player's origins and dreams



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