The Celtic, or Celtic, cross has no truly known origin. Some historians say that the cross was used in the introduction of Christianity to pagan peoples, mixing Celtic and Christian symbols. Other historians say that it actually originated before Christianity.

According to scholars, the cross represents the balance of life, divided into the four main elements: water, earth, fire, and air. The circle symbolizes the sun, which for the Celts was considered a god, and the eternal cycle of life. The interlaced lines symbolize the union between the material and the spiritual.

Within Christianity, the cross is currently used by the Presbyterian, Baptist, and Anglican churches. Its symbolism is linked to the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ, with the circle representing the eternal renewal of life.

Among pagans, as well as among ancient peoples, the cross is a protective amulet and talisman that helps overcome obstacles, as well as being a symbol of prosperity, fertility, and nature worship.

Celtic Cross Tattoo Meaning:

  • Balance of life
  • Four elements
  • Sun God
  • Life Cycle
  • Protection
  • Luck
  • Amulet
  • Prosperity
  • Fertility
  • Nature Worship
  • Union between material and spiritual
  • Eternal renewal of life
  • Resurrection of Christ

Here are some images of Celtic Cross tattoos:

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