The airplane tattoos are very popular among people who love to travel. They are infinite the existing models and their main meanings are flight, freedom, adventure, and lightness.

In addition to travel lovers, pilots, engineers, mechanics, and military officers are also examples of a large audience related to the image of the airplane, who tattoo it not only for its usefulness, but also for its looks.

In general, an airplane tattoo can show your love of the sky, airplanes, aviation, and travel. The design can represent memories of places visited or even future wishes. Besides these meanings, the image of the airplane can also represent a feeling of freedom, pleasure, and destiny, where everyone is free to make choices in their lives and come and go wherever they want. It is the typical tattoo of an adventurous person, since it has much more to do with the spirit than with the airplane itself.

Meaning of Plane Tattoo:

  • Travel
  • Tourism
  • Sky
  • Adventure
  • Fly
  • Pilot
  • Air Force
  • Future
  • Love for the journey
  • Destination
  • Memory
  • Freedom
  • Aviation
  • Machine
  • Journey

Here are some images of tattoos with Airplanes:

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