Soccer team tattoos are very popular. It is always very common to see fans paying homage to their heart team, marking on their skin all their passion for soccer and admiration for their team.

One of the most traditional teams in Brazil is Corinthians, with one of the largest fanbases in the state of São Paulo and in the world. In addition to its millions of followers, Sport Club Corinthians Paulista has many victories in several championships.

The team's shield features the colors white, red, and black; the team's full name; a reference to the nautical sports also practiced by the team, with the oars and the anchor; the team's founding year, 1910; and the São Paulo flag.

The team has three mascots: the Musketeer, Saint George, and Hawkeye. The musketeer appeared soon after the phrase "Corinthians won with musketeer fiber" was mentioned in a newspaper. Saint George became the team's patron saint after the team bought the Parque São Jorge field and, for this reason, even built a chapel in honor of the saint inside the headquarters. The hawk became the team's mascot due to its connection with the Gaviões da Fiel samba school.

 Meaning of the Corinthians symbol tattoo:

  • Soccer
  • Team
  • Tribute
  • Fan
  • Fan
  • Victory
  • Player
  • Sport
  • History
  • Flag
  • Victory

See some images of tattoos with the Corinthians symbol:

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