In the course of a month, when we look up at the sky at night, we can notice the changing phases of the moon. Its shape becomes visible to our eyes according to its rotation and illumination by the sun, since it has no light of its own. This transformation is commonly divided into four main phases: new moon, waning moon, crescent moon, and full moon.

Its cycles have great influence on planet Earth, such as, for example, in relation to tides, sea waves, animal behavior, harvests, and so on. However, for many people, it is a very important mystical element.

See its symbology according to the phase:

  • New MoonThis is the beginning of new cycles, new beginnings, exploring the unknown, creating new projects, awakening, experimenting;
  • Crescent Moon: Strengthen decisions, prosper, grow strong, face challenges, prudence;
  • Full Moon: harvest, self-analysis, contemplation, trajectory, acceptance;
  • Waning Moon: thanksgiving, strengthening, cleansing, liberation;
  • Union of all phases: eternity, regeneration, renewal, process, passage of time, fertility, reincarnation.

There are several mythologies related to the Moon and its phases. Many deities and beliefs are influenced based on its cycle of continuous renewal. In Greek mythology there are three goddesses linked to the moon: Artemis (associated with the crescent), Selene (associated with the full moon), and Hecate (associated with the waning and new phases). In Roman mythology, the moon is associated with Diana, deity protector of the hunt and of the night. Within the Tupi-Guarani culture there is Jaci, moon goddess protector of plants, lovers, and reproduction.


Meaning of Phases of the Moon Tattoo:

  • Life Cycle
  • Beauty
  • Mysticism
  • Female Universe
  • Fertility
  • Immortality
  • Passage of Time
  • Heaven and Earth
  • Growth
  • Expansion
  • Balance
  • Invoice and misery
  • Life and Death
  • Renaissance


Here are some images of tattoos with Phases of the Moon:

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