The name dinosaur comes from the Greek ?deinos sauros? meaning ?terrible lizard? They were animals which lived on Earth at least 233 million years ago, but became extinct after a meteor hit the Earth.

Because they are animals that we will never see, they arouse a lot of curiosity in mankind, especially in lovers of history, archeology, biology, and even science fiction, which means that many of these people will show their passion through tattoos.

The images from dinosaurs in tattoos usually seek to represent strength and power. People with great power, dexterity, physical and emotional strength believe that the dinosaur is a great representation of their personality.

According to studies in the field of psychology, animals reflect our inner beings, and a fascination with dinosaurs, or extinct or legendary species, can symbolize an unpredictable personality.

Besides deeper meanings, people tattoo them simply because they are fascinating and extremely interesting looking animals.

Meaning of Dinosaur Tattoo:

  • Animals
  • Go to
  • Power
  • Archaeology
  • Biology
  • Meteor
  • Species
  • Extinction
  • Unpredictable
  • Dexterity

Here are some Dinosaur tattoo images:

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