The fairy is a mythological European being, well known through tales and children's stories, the so-called "fairy tales".

The term "fairy" is for both the feminine and masculine. The word comes from the Latin fatumwhich means fate or destiny. For this reason, it is believed that fairies can magically change the fate of humans.

They are usually represented with dresses, butterfly wings, and a "magic wand" that fulfills incantations and wishes.

According to some writers, they are magical beings, partly material and partly spiritual, with the power to change appearance and be visible or invisible to humans.

Although there are some darker fairy tales, many of today's depictions are associated with positive meanings, such as joy, happiness, magic, and wishes being fulfilled.


Meaning of Fairy Tattoo:

  • Magic
  • Fantasy
  • Fairy Tale
  • Stories
  • Destiny
  • Wand
  • Enchantment
  • femininity
  • Delicacy
  • Search for Joy
  • Inner Child
  • Imagination
  • Powers
  • Nature Spirits

Here are some images of tattoos with Fairies:


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