Flags are official symbols of the identity of a country, state, organization, society, religion, clan, crown or kingdom, sect, etc. They are recognized by other entities and traditions and represent sovereignty, dissemination, stories of a people, convictions, struggles and hopes.

The origin of flags goes back to the Middle Ages, when armies used a piece of cloth to fly so as not to be mistaken for enemies. Throughout history they have been used to identify properties and vessels and today their use is more common in the representation of collectives and territories.

People who tattoo flags usually want to show their love for their country, pride as a citizen, their ethnicity, soccer team or even fanaticism. Many designs are associated with symbols of patriotism, history, culture, beliefs, nature and local traditions.


Meaning of Flag Tattoo:

  • Patriotism
  • Love of country
  • Nationality
  • Tourism
  • Territory
  • History
  • National symbol
  • Culture
  • Property
  • Tradition
  • Homeland
  • Homeland
  • Pride
  • Link


See some images of tattoos with Flags:

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