Gorillas are the largest primates in existence today. They are one of the animals gorillas are the closest to humans, for they have the almost 99% compatible DNA, second only to bonobos and chimpanzees, and, just like humans, each gorilla has a unique fingerprint. Their image shows greatness and ferocity, but the animal is also associated with wisdom, generosity, leadership, compassion, and humanity.

It is considered to be a very intelligent and social animal. They are capable of everything from creating and using tools to studying sign languages and communicating with their flock. They have a complex communication and care for the youngest to the oldest members with the same attention and respect. This fact reminds man never to forget his past and his future, to be grateful for what has passed and to worry about what is to come.

In shamanism, the gorilla symbolizes wisdom, ancestral memory, inner peace, and overcoming obstacles. Its enormous strength is compared to the size of its intelligence, which seeks to absorb learning from everything it lives and observes.


Meaning of Gorilla Tattoo:

  • Greatness
  • Intelligence
  • Ferocity
  • Wisdom
  • Generosity
  • Leadership
  • Compassion
  • Wild
  • Communication
  • Go to
  • Respect

Here are some images of Gorilla tattoos:

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