Scythe and hammer are symbols that represent the working class: agricultural work and industrial work, the union between peasants and workers. It is also one of the most used symbols to represent the socialist and communist movements.

Known to be part of the flag of the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Angola, and North Korea, the sickle and hammer, crossed or intertwined under a red background, usually represent communism and communist political parties. The tools symbolize the union of two fundamental categories for a revolution. The red background, workers' blood.

Although it is a symbol created to represent the socialist revolution in Russia, today it is associated with the proletariat's struggle to eliminate capitalism and transform the world by building a new society.

Meaning of the Scythe and Hammer Tattoo:

  • Solidarity
  • Work
  • Union
  • Revolution
  • Blood
  • Communism
  • Socialism
  • Peasants
  • Workers
  • Working class
  • Fight
  • New Society
  • Transformation
  • Movement

Here are some images of Scythe and Hammer tattoos:

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