A handcuff is an instrument designed to hold a person's wrists, usually used by the police to restrain bandits, and when locked, the person can only get free with the use of keys. In this sense, there are many people who, even though they are not part of the criminal world, tattoo handcuffs in order to appear to be dangerous people.

Many handcuff tattoos have the meaning of liberation. When they are represented with the breaking of the chain that connects the two rings, they have a meaning of victory or struggle, like a great challenge that needed to be overcome in a person's life.

Another very frequent use is in the erotic industry. For this reason there are several couple tattoos with handcuffs, from the most romantic, heart-shaped, to the most provocative, plush, for example.



Meaning of Handcuff Tattoo:

  • Freedom
  • Prison
  • Laws
  • Legality
  • Romance
  • Imprison
  • Eroticism
  • Crime
  • Danger
  • Discomfort
  • Challenge
  • Fight


See some images of Handcuff tattoos:

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