The image of a padlock usually symbolizes protection, be it of something intimate to your personality, your freedom, something material, or even romantic. This meaning of protection can be symbolic or mysterious, depending on the intention.

When a lock appears open or with a key in the lock, can symbolize a moment of liberation, when the person opens up to new experiences, or even when he gets rid of problems from the past.

The padlock with a key inserted in the lock, slightly turned, as if it were being opened, comes from the expression ?turn the key? and can mean a great change, when people start looking for improvements in their lives and want to have new beginnings.

The lock when locked and with a key far away can mean some kind of imprisonment, either mental or physical, and the difficulty of finding a way out.

A closed padlock can also signify the gesture of keeping a memory of someone special, be it a loved one, family member, or some loved one who has passed away.

A heart-shaped padlock can be a couples tattoo, a representation of feeling secure in a relationship, or even the quest to protect one's own feelings.


Meaning of the Locker Tattoo:

  • Protection
  • Mystery
  • Liberation
  • Turn the key
  • New experiences
  • New Beginnings
  • Memory
  • Souvenir
  • Caring
  • Security
  • Prison
  • Love
  • Difficulty


Here are some images of Locker tattoos:

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