Have you ever stopped to think about what meaning of peacock tattoos? One of nature's most colorful, exotic, and beautiful animals, the peacock carries meanings that go beyond its looks. Check it out!

What does the peacock tattoo mean?

Whether it's the animal tattoo or the peacock feather tattoo, the fact is that the colors and related shapes always catch the eye for their beauty. The symbolism of the peacock tattoo is linked to human values, nature, inner beauty, and benevolence.

The peacock is seen differently in different cultures. For Christians, the "eyes" present in its tail represent divine, all-seeing power. In Hindu mythology, it represents the goddess Lakshmi, of prosperity and patience. For other cultures, it is a symbol of rebirth.

The peacock can also signify vanity, self-love, self-confidence, and optimism. The colorful peacock feathers are known for attracting luck and prosperity. The tattoo can be made anywhere on the body, according to personal taste, but it is quite common on the arms, the back of the legs, and the back.

Peacock Tattoo Photo Gallery

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