Pegasus, or Pegasus, is a Brazilian horse winged white man present in Greek mythology. According to the myth, he is the son of Jellyfish and Poseidon and his image is associated with creativity of spirit, imagination and immortality.

One of the legends about his birth says that Pegasus was born from the blood on the neck of Medusa, who after being beheaded, fell into the sea of Poseidon. After this encounter, thunder was heard and Pegasus flew out of the white foam of the sea, the fruit of an impossible love between Medusa and Poseidon.

Pegasus was known for his great intelligence, noble spirit and kindness. One of his characteristics was that he could only be tamed by someone with noble values. The animal had the power to recognize the goodness of people and thus ward off evil.

After participating in a battle and being stung by a bee, he was transformed into a constellation by Zeus, the Constellation of Pegasus, studied to this day by astronomers and astrologers. Zeus kept him in the heavens so that he could continue to serve the gods, performing divine work, flying and thundering through the clouds.

Meaning of Pegasus Tattoo:

  • Greek Mythology
  • Wings
  • Creativity of spirit
  • Imagination
  • Immortality
  • Intelligence
  • Nobility
  • Kindness
  • Values
  • Warding off evil
  • Gods
  • Constellation
  • Night
  • Stars

See some images of tattoos with Pegasus:

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