Seahorses have been popular animals since ancient times, when they were used in decorations and in the architecture. Today, they are commonly associated with the sea, summer, vacations, fun, and happiness, but they also have admirable spiritual and symbolic meanings.

Are animals atypical, with habits quite different from the others. A very striking characteristic of the species is reproduction. When mating takes place, it is the male who carries the offspring throughout gestation and when they are born they are already independent from their parents. This fact is symbolic because it questions male roles in families and in society.

It is a quiet being, with calm habits. They are monogamous, they are not fast foragers, and they stay in places they like. Their body structure does not evolve with time, but they can change color and camouflage themselves easily, which helps in defense against predators. This lifestyle symbolizes happiness and pleasure in life, without the need for great changes.

They have powerful eyesight and can move one eye independently of the other. This characteristic symbolizes perception and awareness, reminding us to take a good look around before making an important decision in the face of confusion.

In Greek culture, the sea horse symbolizes strength and power, as it is linked to the god of the seas, Poseidon.

In ancient Europe it was believed that sea horses carried the souls of dead sailors, protecting them until they reached their final destination.

Chinese culture considers the animal a symbol of power and good luck, but they are seriously endangered because of excessive and unsustainable hunting.


Meaning of the Seahorse Tattoo:

  • Sea
  • Ocean
  • Patience
  • Satisfaction
  • Good Luck
  • Power
  • Persistence
  • Sympathy
  • Contentment
  • Generosity
  • View
  • Independence
  • Sharing
  • Perception
  • Amulet


Here are some images of tattoos with Seahorses:

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