Playing cards are classic in tattoos. They represent not only a symbol of love of gambling, good luck and fortune, but also fate and risk. They are usually done in conjunction with elements related to gambling, mystery, and death.

When the choice of tattoo is for a single letter, the most popular ones have different meanings:

Ace of Spades - is usually the first card in most games, can symbolize achievement, power, victory, desire, leadership, and perfection

Queen of Hearts ? determination, perseverance, will to survive, love, often associated with the movie "Alice in Wonderland".

Joker ? good luck charm, trickster

There is also a theory that relates the suits of the deck to the four elements of nature: earth, water, fire, and air:

Suit of Clubs (fire) - personal side, growth, creativity, inspiration, motivation
Suit of Hearts (water) - feelings and emotions
Suit of Diamonds (ground) - realistic matters, professional and financial issues
Suit of Swords (air) - existential restlessness, search for answers


Meaning of the Deck Tattoo:

  • Risk
  • Good Luck
  • Randomness
  • Fortune
  • Games
  • Money
  • Wealth
  • Bet
  • Love for the game
  • Power
  • Mortality

Here are some images of tattoos with playing cards:

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