Have you ever wondered what the meaning of the sun tattoo is? In various shapes, colors, sizes, and applications, the sun tattoo adorns the skins with the universal and main meaning related to life. Learn more about it!

What is the meaning of the sun tattoo?

When we think of the sun and what it represents for the planet, immediately all the life that the warmth of the king star and the sunlight provide for thousands of beings comes to mind. Healing is also another meaning strongly connected to the sun figure, and this belief comes from the Native Americans, who saw the sun as the guardian of the day and the healing energy.

Many ancient civilizations worshiped the sun, so important was it. There were even gods representing the sun, such as Ra, the sun-god of Ancient Egypt, and Apollo, the sun-god of Ancient Greece. The Mayan and Aztec civilizations also had great devotion to the star-king, meaning protection in wars and leadership.

It is also common to see sun tattoos combined with other elements, such as the dragon or the phoenix, precisely symbolizing life, strength, and rebirth after difficulties.

As you have noticed, the meaning of the tattoo of sunshine is broad and can be related to the various phases and situations in each individual's life.

Sun Tattoo Pictures

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