Zeus is considered the father of the Greek gods, ruler of heaven and earth. He corresponds to the Roman god Jupiter, representing the spiritual realm. His image is usually depicted as a man with a long beard sitting on a throne, wearing a laurel wreath and a trident or ray as a real symbol.

It symbolizes masculine strength, authority, truth, justice, and sovereignty over gods and humans. His thunderbolts are punishments against humanity. The noise represents his divine voice and the light symbolizes enlightenment, enlightenment, and truth. According to mythology, Zeus' thunder would be able to destroy evil spirits.

Besides great power, Zeus is also known for having many love adventures, with goddesses and humans, using disguises and different ways to seduce women resulting in numerous descendants among gods, demigods and mortals, such as Athena, ApolloDionysus, Perseus, Helen, Minos, and others.

Meaning of Zeus Tattoo:

  • Ray
  • Thunder
  • Lighting
  • Truth
  • Clarification
  • Power
  • Greek Mythology
  • Go to
  • Authority
  • Truth
  • Justice
  • Sovereignty
  • Destroy evil spirits
  • Seduction

See some images of tattoos with Zeus:

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