Lina Pereira dos Santos, known as Linn da Quebrada, is a 31-year-old Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, transformer and social activist. She is among the most relevant artists in the current Brazilian music scene, rising to recognition by using the tension and friction between truths, touching on taboos and deconstructing stereotypes with her biting and sarcastic style.

The artist has more than 10 tattoos, some with meanings very deep and particular. The pronoun "She" on her face was a big highlight in the last days, because while participating in the Big Brother Brazil program, Linn suffered several transphobic attacks. The singer explained that she got this tattoo because of her mother, who always treated her as male in the beginning of her transition.

Another tattoo that draws a lot of attention is the crown of thorns that he tattooed on his forehead, in honor of Jesus Christ, to protect his thoughts.

Besides these drawings, the artist also has a flower, a cactus, a rooster, a horseshoea pagan symbol, the word ?nem?, a transvestite body, an onion, and some abstract strokes.

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