The meaning of cockerel and hen tattoos is usually related to their behavior and personality. animals.

One of the best known meanings is punctuality, which makes a lot of sense, since daily they cluck at dawn always at the same time, almost like an alarm clock.

Roosters and chickens also represent courage, bravery and confidence, as they often risk their lives in combat. This is a great image for those who pride themselves on being brave in every way in life.

As they are constantly in contact with each other, they are considered to be very intelligent and communicative animals. In this way, tattooing can represent a way of expression or pride of being a great communicator.

In spirituality, chickens are often associated with rebirth, prosperity, and good times in life.

Meaning of Chicken and Rooster Tattoo:

  • Renaissance
  • Communication
  • Prosperity
  • Expression
  • Intelligence
  • Courage
  • Bravery
  • Trust
  • Punctuality

Here are some images of Chicken and Rooster tattoos:

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