Sphinx is a mythological image, of a lion with the head of a falcon or a person, present both in Greek mythology and in Egyptian architecture.

They are seen as guardians, protectors of the pyramids and temples or, in a negative way, as a destructive creature. The best known worldwide is the Sphinx of Giza, built in the third millennium BC in limestone, 20 meters high and 57 meters long.

The following are considered symbols of sunIt is a symbol of power, protection, wisdom, the sacred, royalty, destruction, mystery, misfortune and tyranny.

In Greek culture it has a negative symbolism, associated with a destructive creature, of bad omen and perverted femininity. In Egyptian culture, they are considered guardians and symbolize sovereign power, the sun, the pharaoh and royalty.

 Meaning of Sphinx Tattoo:

  • History
  • Mythology
  • Power
  • Prestige
  • Pharaoh
  • Egypt
  • Royalty
  • Sun
  • Destruction
  • Protection
  • Wisdom
  • Mystery
  • Bad luck
  • Tyranny
  • Sacred

See some images of tattoos with Sphinx:

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