Strawberry Tattoos can have several meanings and are generally more sought after by women.

The strawberry was once the symbol of Venus in Ancient Rome, due to its bright red color and heart shape. It is said that two people who share two strawberries are destined to fall in love. During the 15th century, monks in Western Europe began making manuscripts with depictions of the Virgin Mary, and wild strawberries were often
included in the margins or in the illustrations themselves, because the strawberry leaves were like a reminder of the Holy Trinity.

The strawberry came to symbolize perfection of spirit, peace, and the feminine ideal. Today, a ripe, juicy, red strawberry is a symbol of fertility, temptation, and passion.

The strawberry tattoos are also loaded with sensuality, by their flavor, color, aroma, and shape.

Other less common meanings are the tranquility of a home, a dream come true, or a reminder to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Strawberry Tattoo Photo Gallery

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