Generally, mask tattoos aim to be a disguise of identity, but the gas mask has much more specific meanings.

This type of mask is associated with toxic or radioactive elements. Besides being present in historical facts linked to wars and tragedies, they are also known in the world of fictional characters, in comics, movies, and series, with themes such as terror, science fiction, or the end of time, symbolizing death and destruction.

Even though it has a frightening image, this type of mask also symbolizes protection, as it is a very important piece of equipment that has saved many lives around the world, protecting people from diseases visible and invisible to the eye.

This tattoo can be done in memory of humanity's great tragedies or have a more symbolic meaning, about an attempt to protect oneself from a toxic society. Over the years, the mask eventually became a symbol of the anarchist movement and anti-war protests.



Meaning of Gas Mask Tattoo:

  • Disguise
  • Toxic
  • Radioactive
  • Wars
  • Tragedies
  • Diseases
  • End of Times
  • Death
  • Destruction
  • Science Fiction
  • Protection
  • Diseases
  • Toxic Society
  • Anarchism
  • Protest


See some images of Gas Mask tattoos:

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